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Del Mar Dog Beach Family Photos - San Diego Family Photographer

If you're looking for a unique and memorable place to take family photos, Del Mar Dog Beach (also known as North Beach) is the perfect spot. The combination of the beach, the cliffs, and the rocks creates a stunning backdrop.

It's definitely one of my favorite North County San Diego beaches for family or portrait photos. Certain times of the year the tide could limit some access to the beach, but with a little planning, you can take some amazing photos at Del Mar Dog Beach that you will cherish for years to come.

In this post I had the privilege of photographing the Collins family at the Del Mar dog beach when the tide was low during the beautiful sunset. That combination is the best and usually happens during the fall and winter. With the tide low, it lets the kids be able to run around the beach more and boy did they run! The Collins family was so sweet and I could the love and affection they had for each other.

Enjoy moment as it goes by fast!

San Diego Family photo of four family members
San Diego Family of four, with two small boys sitting with green ice plant behind them
A dad and a mom and their two boys family photo at Del Mar dog beach
Black & White family photo of a dad and a mom and their two boys at Del Mar beach
San Diego Family photo of a family playing a hand game
Family of 4 squeezing together and smiling
Family of four smiling at camera
Family photo sitting on wood stairs at the beach
Family photo sitting on wood stairs at the beach

Del Mar family photo at sunset


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