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Choosing your Destination Wedding Photographer - Go local or on location?

Rachel and Jesse's Wedding in Jamaica - San Diego wedding photographer

When you have decided or are thinking of a destination wedding the question pertaining to your photographer will eventually come up. The question being: Do I hire a photographer at the choice destination? or do I hire locally and take the photographer with me? I have seen this topic come up quite often, I am of course a local wedding photographer here in San Diego, so my position on this subject may be biased, but I am here to offer some tips and suggestions.

1. Most importantly if you hire locally you will get to meet and work with your photographer in person. Knowing and feeling comfortable with your photographer is vital when it comes to take the photographs you will want to cherish for a lifetime. “The florist may bring the wrong bouquet, and the minister may speak the wrong passage…Eventually, you will be joking at what the minister said, however, there is one mishap that you will not find amusing. If you do not have great pictures of your destination wedding – how are you going to remember how fantastic it was?”( Choosing a Destination Wedding Photographer R. Landon).

2. If you hire locally, you’ll have the option to have the photographer shoot the engagement photos. The benefit of using the same photographer for both occasions is endless. Before the wedding you already feel comfortable working together. The photographer knows how you interact with your fiancé; he’ll also know all your best angles, sides and smiles.

3. Many destination weddings in exotic locations come with a package deal that will offer a photographer. Often the photographer is only available for a short period of time. There is a good chance you won’t be able to meet your photographer in person until the day of your wedding. This can come with a long list of problems, but more importantly you want to make sure that you have a good connection and chemistry with your photographer. Your photographer will be taking intimate, close and personal photographs of you and your loved ones. Make sure this is someone you want to spend your special day with.

Chelsea and Jason Wedding Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

4. You will have the comfort of having things planned before you arrive. There will be mounds of things to worry about on your wedding day; don’t let it be your photographer. A local photographer will know your needs, wants and what type of photographs your are looking for on your wedding day. “If you hire someone local, you’ll have more of a chance to talk with him and make sure that you’re on the same page with the type of photos you want. There may be fewer language or cultural barriers, as well,” (Wedding Day Photography from Sheknows Weddings).

5. Getting in touch with your local photographer is much easier as well. If you want to discuss and go over photos and options after the wedding, it is much easier to hop in the car and discuss these options in person.

These are just a few things to take into account, of course there are many more. Choosing a photographer for your wedding day is never a simple task and adding the element of a destination makes it even more difficult. Your wedding photographs are something you are going to have for a lifetime, consider hiring someone you really know and trust.

Chelsea and Jason Wedding Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Chelsea and Jason Cabo San Lucas

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