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The Heart Behind a Wedding Ring

Walking in La Jolla, San Diego near the beach

the other day I ran across a flyer, “Lost Wedding Ring,” my heart sank at the sight of this flyer. I could sense the desperation in the author’s voice; it was a man’s wedding band and an obvious last attempt to find the symbol of his love.  I really felt for this man on several levels.  If he is willing to go to such efforts to find his ring, I thought I could at least post the flyer here in support of his efforts.  This man’s determination and dedication to find his ring got me thinking about the significance of a wedding ring.

Wedding rings come in all sizes, shapes, forms and prices; to each couple and in different cultures they have alternate meanings. The one thing that every wedding ring seems to have in common is that they are in fact significant.  I decided to understand the depths of a wedding rings from different stand points.  I would also love to hear and welcome any stories you have about your wedding rings.

As a photographer, I always make a point to photograph the rings because of their huge significance. I try to focus on the details and uniqueness of each ring. I see the ring as a symbol; no beginning and no end.  The circle represents marriage as endless and everlasting.

A wedding ring is not something that is required in order to marry or be married. Here in our culture rings are undoubtedly vital during the wedding ceremony and is symbolic in the relationship long after. I discussed the significance of wedding rings in relationships with San Diego expert marriage and family therapist Jennine Estes (Estes Therapy).

"The significance of a wedding ring can vary from couple to couple; for some people it is a way to publicly show their love and for other couples it is just “part of the marriage.”  In my therapy practice, I have found that couples tend to see the ring as a sense of security, commitment, and reassurance.  When a person in the relationship doesn’t wear the ring without consulting the other partner, it can become threatening to the relationship.  Or if a partner forgets to wear their ring, the other partner may feel hurt and as if the relationship doesn’t matter.  Other times a woman may long for the engagement ring to simply get an added sense of reassurance that the relationship will be growing and moving forward. And if someone loses the ring, they may panic because they know it is a significant part of the marriage and a way to show their partner their love. Once again, each relationship may vary.  As a therapist, I see the positive or negative interactions around a wedding ring are simply an extension to the relationship security and connection."  -more information visit Relationships in the Raw 

Finally I share a touching story of a woman who lost her wedding ring after 14 years of marriage.

"Every night before I go to bed I take off my wedding ring and put it in a ring dish. One night as I got ready for bed I realized I did not have it on. I looked everywhere. The next day when I got to my office I turned it upside down. No ring, I had lost it. I don't know how, but I did."   "Almost three months later, a gentleman came into our business. He asked me if I had lost something. He proceeded to tell me that he had come by our business about three months earlier. We had just closed. On his way back to the car he saw something shiny in the parking lot. I started to tear up. When he didn't see anything in the paper about a lost ring, he decided to come back in. Three months prior when I was leaving work, I had reached into my pocket to pull out my keys and the ring had come out with them."   "Standing there in front of me was this wonderful honest man who had thought to come back to our business and find out if someone had lost their wedding ring. I cried as he handed it to me and gave him a big hug.”

These are just a few ways to look at the meaning behind a wedding ring. I hope that the gentleman who lost his wedding ring will be as lucky as the woman who lost her ring in the parking lot. Whatever your beliefs or thoughts on the meaning behind your wedding ring let it be a symbol of love and strength in your relationship. Further information/reading: How did you chose your wedding ring? History of a Wedding ring Relationships in the Raw


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