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5 Great Reasons to Take Engagement Photos

1. You just got ENGAGED!! That is reason enough to celebrate and have photographs to remember this moment!

2. Having engagement photographs are nice to have. They make great  save the dates,wedding announcements, gifts, or a  nicely designed guest book for the wedding. After the wedding the photographs will look great hanging on a wall next to your wedding pictures. Your family and friends will love them.

3. You will be comfortable with your photographer and he will get to know you. He will have spent time with you and your fiancé before the wedding. He will get to know you as a couple, know how you interact with one another and know all your best angles. Many photographers include an engagement photo session as part of the overall package “Many photographers include an engagement photo session as part of the overall package, which presents a good opportunity to see your photographer in action. It also gives him the chance to experiment with flattering angles, poses, and lighting levels before the wedding day, ” (Wedding Photography: Engagement Photo Basics, theknot.com).

4. Having Engagement photos taken is FUN! Go to the place you first met, go somewhere you love, be comfortable, relaxed and most importantly this is your time to shine as a couple. Enjoy the love and excitement you share. “I’m really glad we did engagement pictures twenty years ago. We didn’t do anything expensive, elaborate or artsy. Just a quick visit to a chain photo studio to capture how happy we were at the time. These pictures were ‘us’ — way more than the more elaborate wedding pictures and I treasure them. –Jodie,” (To Take or Not Take? Engagement Photos, Lemondrop.com).

5. You will have the advantage of seeing how you photograph as a couple. Make suggestions to the photographer on what you like or want to see and what you don’t like. *Just make sure the Engagement photos are scheduled a few months prior to the wedding.

Engagement photo in Balboa Park, San Diego



If your interested in learning more about wedding photography packages or engagement photo information please contact me here or send me an e-mail at info@carypenningtonphotography.com

Other Reasons to consider

  • Most engagement photo sessions are offered in a wedding package. I offer a package a deal with my services, carypenningtonphotography.com
  • “Another advantage to being photographed prior to your wedding day is the opportunity for the bride to have a test run done on her make-up. Set up an appointment with the person doing your make-up for the wedding right before your engagement shoot. This way you will get to see how your make-up will look, not only in the mirror but how it will photograph. If there are adjustments to be made, it will not be too late.” Why You Should Take Engagement Photos, Insideweddings.com )
  • “Engagement shoots calm your nerves. This goes out to all of you camera-shy brides and grooms. Having an engagement shoot allows you to get used to your very own paparazzi.” ( Why Take Engagement Photos? vancitybride.com)


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